Didsbury Skate Club Policies

You will be asked prior to registering if you understand and agree to the following:

1.            I understand and agree as a condition of participation in the programs offered by the Didsbury Figure Skating Club and Skate Canada, that the Executive, Coaches and Assistants shall not be liable for any injuries or accidents resulting from any of the activities associated with the Club whether on the premises or during travel to, from or while participating in skating practices, competitions or tests off of the Didsbury Figure Skating Club premises.  I further agree that if my child requires any medical treatment during this skating season, and I am not present, I give my permission for the coaches to arrange for medical help.


2.            I give my permission for the Didsbury Figure Skating Club to place my child’s name and/or picture on arena bulletin boards, trophies, Carnival programs, newsletters, newspapers, websites and any other areas pertaining to the “skating world”.


3.            I agree to receive club email correspondence.


4.            My skater and I have read and agree to abide by the Didsbury Skating Club Code of Conduct and Skate Canada Helmet Policy.


5.            I understand that the club relies on parent/family volunteers to help with events and fundraising, and that my volunteer deposit cheque will be returned to me upon completion of my required volunteer hours. This cheque must be handed in to a board member present at the first day of skating. $100.00 for each skater registered in Canskate/PrePower, $250.00 for each skater registered in Intro to STARSKate (ITS) and $500.00 for each child registered in Senior Starskate.


6.      Raffle Tickets- Everyone registering in DSC will receive a book of raffle tickets for each athlete registered. Each book has 10 tickets priced at $10 each. The $100 for the ticket books will be added to your registration fees prior to paying, if you choose to sell the tickets you can keep the $100 as you will have already paid for them. If you do not wish to sell them you may fill them out with your information and turn them in for a chance to win yourself! Ticket books will be handed out in October when the club collects your volunteer cheque. Families with three or more children registered in DSC will only have to sell two ticket books. If you have 3 or more children registered in DSC please write down this code and enter it when you are entering your payment information. The code is: familydiscount :please enter it for each child after the scond child for a $100 discount. CanPower skating  is exempt from fundraising and volunteer hours.


Possible other Fundraiser:     Coco Brooks, Didsbury Chamber Bucks, Spring Gala, 2019 Casino


Click here to register(Remember Pre Hockey is under Pre Can power skate)